Karel compiler for Java VM


This project was created as a Semester project during my study on Department of Computer Science of Faculty of Electrical Engineering of The Czech Technical University in Prague. The project consists of a compiler of the programming language Karel that outputs .class file with Java class that is directly executable using a Java virtual machine.


Because it would be unnecessary for every compiled program to contain the code for displaying the city of Karel, it is solved by external packages karel.*, that have to be accessible by the compiled classes in run time (they could be called “Karel runtime environment”). This project contains a basic version of these packages, but: 1. they are not finished, and 2. they are very simple, designed only for compiler testing.


You can read the Karel programming language documentation, or a basic compiler usage documentation. Also, all compiler sources contain JavaDoc comments.


the whole package (92,364B ZIP)
only the JAR file (61,991B JAR)
only sources (31,150B ZIP)
only runtime environment (14,640B JAR)
only documentation (3,254B ZIP)

What is missing?

If you would like to enhance the project, consider the following options:


The whole project is covered by the GNU license.